Someone's Watching Me!

Someone's Watching Me! ★★★

Made for TV Hitchcock riff from John Carpenter. Might just be the SD streaming options or bias coming in but this definitely feels like a TV movie even if at the end of the day Hitchcock pastiche is still insanely watchable. It's a lot like Rear Window except instead of just witnessing a crime our protagonist is a victim to one. She's being stalked by an anonymous figure that seems to have knowledge of when she's home, where she works, and eventually details as frightening as the exact moment she opens a package from him. There are a lot of compelling suspense set pieces but somehow it feels like there's one or two too many before we get to a final showdown. The lead is a fun thriller character if incredibly dumb, a tough television producer that is a fair match for her tormentor. Lauren Hutton gives a rocky performance though and ends up holding the film back in a few key places including her romance subplot. Again it's very watchable but I totally understand why this isn't thought of as a crucial early Carpenter.