Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

a lot of what i was looking forward to and liked about this movie only really makes sense juxtaposed to the past decade of marvel movies so i am sorry that a positive review sort of necessarily involves ragging on those to start. but man, i just hate the marvel industrial complex so much. joss whedon's super quippy style of ironically distanced, "haha it's a super hero movie and everyone totally knows it hehehe," vaguely fourth wall breaking so nobody has to feel bad or stupid is so fucking patronizing and it just sucks ass. that it has dominated blockbuster filmmaking grates me to no fucking end because it's as cynical and corporate as """fun""" could possibly get. it's fucking slop. by and large, marvel movies are the artistic equivalent of the protein bars in snowpiercer. seeing a superhero movie that is such an unabashed middle finger to that, so completely devoid of that wry cynicism and so full of heart and genuine love for the source material, is such a joy through and through. i do not think i have been this entertained by a comics film since dark knight, or maybe even raimi spider-man 2.

it's not all just good because of what it's not, though. the justice league is the perfect balance of emotional resonance and action figure playset for zack snyder to be working at. all of his strengths shine through here and cyborg's arc in particular is realized in a shockingly thoughtful way that ties the movie together very well. the timbre of the film is fucking rock solid, and zack snyder's pacing is executed flawlessly. i seriously did not feel the weight of this movie at all, which is almost impressive enough on its own to justify it being worth watching.

really, my most major complaint is that when i inevitably rewatch this, i am going to turn it off after the major plot of the film has been resolved because the last half hour is fun but totally unnecessary for subsequent viewings. i've seen some mixed reviews of leto's joker but frankly i'm not a huge fan, it feels like he is trying super super hard to bring heath ledger's entire thing into his performance and it just doesn't work for me. also, the weird "eastern" vocal chorus thing whenever wonder woman is on screen for more than half a second is totally out of place. i was drawn out of the action whenever that showed up. but these are really, really minor complaints, and overall this is a shockingly impressive piece of work.

zack snyder's justice league has become a surprisingly prominent cultural narrative over the last year, and while its implications are tough to parse, the fact of the matter is that it's here and it lives up to what people thought it would be in every way. i'm not a fan of vindicating the worst type of fan, but sometimes the worst people you know truly are right

also if you are complaining about it being in 4:3 you are the most bitchmade person on the planet and you would die in a desert because you couldn't find bottled smart water

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