• There Will Be No More Night

    There Will Be No More Night

    Centering aerial videos shot by fighter pilots in conflict zones, Éléonore Weber’s pensive documentary erases the supposed neutrality of the camera, now militarized as a weapon of fear. Placing viewers at an unnerving vantage point, the film is a chillingly close encounter with the reality of war.

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  • But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader

    Starring Natasha Lyonne, But I’m a Cheerleader is a delightful, highly-stylized queer comedy that graced the end of a decade in an American cinema otherwise ruled by heteronormative rom-coms. Co-starring Michelle Williams and RuPaul (out of drag), this sweet, satirical yarn is due for rediscovery.

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  • Introduction


    A wistful snapshot of intergenerational uncertainty, suffused with delicate wintertime light.

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  • The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet

    The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet

    So abundant with warmth and vitality is this prescient Argentinian wonder, it’s a miracle that its 73 minutes can contain it. A funny, formally adventurous ode to the arbitrary phases of life, Ana Katz’s monochrome marvel pirouettes between the absurd, the mundane, and the existentially profound.

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  • Tarnation


    In Jonathan Caouette’s unnerving work of catharsis–an unmissable offering of queer cinema–the image-making process becomes a volatile yet therapeutic means of survival. Culled from hours of mixed visual materials, this stunning reflection on mental illness journeys through both darkness and light.

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  • Taming the Garden

    Taming the Garden

    With a surreal, Herzogian eye for the absurdities of man’s claims over nature, Salomé Jashi’s hypnotic documentary draws privilege and poverty into the embrace of myth. A folkloric allegory told in breathtaking images, Taming the Garden contemplates an ecological monument to flamboyance and folly.

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  • Comets


    An elliptical tale of love and memory, this beautiful debut from Tamar Shavgulidze captures the pangs of a lost Eden in long, contemplative takes. Delicately shot in the pastel hues of a languid Georgian summer, Comets is a tender, cosmically-charged ode to the hesitant blush of young romance.

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  • Nowhere to Hide

    Nowhere to Hide

    In the late 1990s, an adrenalized wave of South Korean genre cinema exploded onto western screens. This manhunt procedural from Lee Myung-se was among the most stylistically inventive, an eye-popping thriller that marries film noir to Hong Kong action for a woozy fever dream of unadulterated pulp.

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  • Belle


    A dazzling animated spectacular and J-Pop musical of extraordinary ambition and imagination.

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  • Luzzu


    Bathed in blues and yellows—the colors of Maltese fishing boats—Alex Camilleri’s searingly authentic debut on a vanishing trade embraces a cast of nonactors and real-life fishermen. Travailing the riptides of globalization, this neorealist drama is a moving ode to the resilience of the human spirit.

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  • Serie Noire

    Serie Noire

    In a mercurial performance of cyclonic exasperation, Patrick Dewaere barrels through the wintry suburbs of Paris as a self-made patsy in a murderous muddle. A desolately funny, Dostoyevskian thriller from Alain Corneau, Série noire plots a fatalistic course into the depths of crime and punishment.

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  • The Cool Lakes of Death

    The Cool Lakes of Death

    Charting a 19th-century woman’s descent into madness, The Cool Lakes of Death is Nouchka van Brakel’s masterwork. Ravishingly textured, and with a cyclonic performance from Renée Soutendijk, this shattering psychological portrait is an expansive tale of sexual awakening and patriarchal oppression.

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