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Told in her own words through diary entries or letters, and using a wide range of—often exclusive—material, this documentary about the fascinating figure of Maria Callas portrays her battles with her “diva” image, and the polarity between one’s public and private persona. A legend deconstructed.

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The film which made Éric Rohmer’s international reputation, this third entry in his series of Moral Tales sparkles in its captivating brew of philosophical musings and chaste intellectual flirtation. Stunningly shot by Néstor Almendros, the snow-kissed Clermont-Ferrand setting casts a wintry spell.

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Making Levan Akin’s name memorized throughout the world of cinema, And Then We Danced raises the pulse with dance scenes, while masterfully capturing the ambiguous, silky projections of desire. A subtle love story that explores queer possibilities in a conservative Georgian folk dance company.

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Pedro Almodóvar’s punk sensibility seemed not to diminish in his third feature, although he began to flirt with the melodrama that he would embrace later. This irreverent satire was written as a vehicle for Cristina Sánchez Pascual, but Carmen Maura is the one who receives a pet tiger as an accessory.

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I’m wondering how the mechanics work, baby hotwheels.




Kinda magical

Mexican cinema’s foremost provocateur Michel Franco detonates a bomb of dystopian chaos and outrage with this Venice Silver Lion-winning thriller. An electrifying tempest of working-class revolution with a sting in its tail, New Order is a nerve-jangling political allegory of apocalyptic potency.

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first time watch for me.
horror doesn't always have to be normal.
I found this film incredibly unnerving, it almost feels like I went to that rock and I'm missing, hoping someone will try to find ME.
Weird in a haunting way.