“and he won’t stop ‘til he got the masses”

24. he/him. Maoist. i politicize basically everything i review.

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  • Night Is Short, Walk on Girl
  • Milla
  • Tokyo Godfathers
  • Shadow

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  • The Woman Who Ran


  • Bound for the Fields, the Mountains, and the Seacoast


  • Minari


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  • Minari


    i like to bring up my girlfriend a lot in my reviews, because she’s much better at criticizing movies than i am (she’s actually much better at most things than i am.) i don’t like to bring up the fact that she’s Korean, because i don’t feel like it’s usually relevant. but, in this case i think it fits.

    my girlfriend works in a Korean-owned coffee shop that only hires Korean people in one of the least gentrified sections of Koreatown,…

  • Dil Se..

    Dil Se..


    There is no doubt that in the case of the suicide bomber the sacrifice consists of the spectacular putting to death of the self, of becoming his or her own victim (self-sacrifice). The self-sacrificed proceeds to take power over his or her death and to approach it head-on. This power may be derived from the belief that the destruction of one’s own body does not affect the continuity of the being. The idea is that the being exists outside us.…

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