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  • Aleph




    If anyone likes this, I'd be curious to read a defense of it. Because to me, Aleph was one of the most excruciatingly pretentious things I've seen in years. Shapeless, rambling, pseudo-profound. Just drivel, really.

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival



    First things first. I'd kind of sworn off Woody Allen, for the obvious reasons. Even if we don't know precisely whether he is guilty, I felt that it was the judicious thing to refrain from supporting his creative endeavors. And in truth, I didn't think I'd be missing much. But the entire premise of Rifkin's Festival was simply too perverse to ignore, and through the Magic of the Internet, I was able to watch it without providing its maker…

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  • Creepy




    I miss the old Kiyoshi. The can't-be-sold Kiyoshi. Back in the fold Kiyoshi. That was the bold Kiyoshi. Remember Cure Kiyoshi? That wasn't your Kiyoshi? 'Cause that was my Kiyoshi. Damn, that was fly, Kiyoshi! You came with Kairo, Kiyoshi. That shit was fire, Kiyoshi! Even Bright Future Kiyoshi, that ill repute Kiyoshi. I dug it all, Kiyoshi. So why'd you stall, Kiyoshi? And then that Journey to the Shore? You got some gall, Kiyoshi!

    I miss the real…

  • The Imitation Game

    The Imitation Game


    If you happen to follow my Twitter feed, you'll know that I've already gotten a bit hot and bothered about this film. In retrospect, it was probably a good deal of energy wasted, or at least misdirected. I tend to forget that useless dreck like The Imitation Game is pimped on every streetcorner around Oscar season by an industry that considers movies as product, not art. Most of the time, that product is slathered in Adam Sandler, and it…