Koyaanisqatsi ★★★★★


From the opening sequence of a rocket launch fading into a prolonged aerial flight over the mountains and mesas and desert and rock of the American southwest, it's evident that this is going to be a pensive and beautiful film.

There's something to be said for the creeping intrusion of technology into the natural world, the majesty of nature and triumph of human accomplishment, and the destructive force our technology has on itself and the world. Watching this film is like watching a log burn and the embers smolder in a fire pit, or watching the waves crash against the rocks, or watching the clouds go by. And modern living grows ever faster and more frenetic.

The music of Phillip Glass makes the film, adding context, texture, and emotion to a series of wordless images that are so striking and powerful all on their own, and the effect is something akin to a spiritual experience.