The Descent

The Descent ★★★★


"I'm an English teacher, not fucking Tomb Raider."

This had been on my list for years, and though I said I would be sticking with Studio Ghibli a while back, Poltergeist shook me and swayed me to the horror side of things, but it's been fun. Thought I would move this up quickly on my watchlist as it's available for streaming on Prime (or Hulu), and this really didn't disappoint me.

The girls have great chemistry with one another, and sold me on their relationship with one another. The tension didn't flare up with the crawlers at first, but amongst themselves, which reminded me of The Thing, and Neil Marshall was able to pull off a one-two punch of tension and the crawlers were just a bonus. The lighting (or what little there was) was terrific, and the sounds were horrifying, especially when I decided to turn off all the lights and watch this all by myself well into midnight. If there was a movie that would make you think something's afoot when there really isn't (is there?), this would be a prime example. I liked how mean this movie got. The Nosferatu crawlers were gruesome, and knowing they were people in extensive makeup really added to the believability, and not for one second did I take my eyes off the screen for 100 minutes. My heart raced, I shouted at several scenes, and in short, it was a real good time. Watch the "alternate" ending if you're in the US. That's the way to go since it was pretty clear Neil Marshall wanted that ending to go through but Americans can't take a dark ending. Blah.

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