Tenet ★★★★½


"I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago."

Oh, my, I love this absolutely ridiculous movie. It walks a fine line between taking itself too fucking seriously and being straight up parody. This is Nolan's most fascinating work yet. It's bonkers in all right ways. I've seen this 3 times since December 15th, and I currently have this over Inception in my rankings. This one is so weird yet fascinating.

In a way, Nolan told on himself as many people already knew Nolan for what he is, an annoying storytelling that still has an eye for ambitious set pieces with huge budgets. Yes, it helps he started out with Batman and it got him to where he is now, but we can no longer deny he's a madman who's obsessed with time, and I'm not convinced that he himself was convinced this movie was ever going to be universally loved like most of his movies are. Here, he lets loose and comes as off absolutely unhinged. Still, it's not without effort. This is a very, very expensive audition for a Bond movie, like myself and many others have said it to be. Kenneth Branagh is hilariously over the top and chews scenery every chance he gets. John David Washington has a strange performance going on here, veering between parody and a really earnest effort at something he can't quite get at as his character is literally named as The Protagonist. Robert Pattinson, however, is in his own element. As some have said, it's quite clear he knows what movie he's in, even if he's said not to have a fucking clue what the movie even means at all. Same, Rob, same. Yet, with Nolan's madness, this still turned out to be really great for its own unique reasons. Maybe Nolan isn't the best storyteller out there but the fucker can make a movie. There's kind of a difference there. His craftsmanship here may be his best yet, but that's probably just me. I kind of check out in middle of Inception. The Dark Knight does lose some steam after Dent turned. What I'm saying is that this movie just manages to keep you watching for all its 150 minutes, and that's assuming you're just casually watching. It's really rewatchable, for its own unique reasons. Very excited to see what Nolan does next, even if this sort of wasn't what I expected a year ago. Very interested to see how this grows in Letterboxd and the public in general in years down the line.

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