Heat ★★★★★


"Told you I'm never going back."

A classical tale of a cop and a robber, only Mann expands upon the concept, and takes great, great care of the vast array of characters. The screenplay just might be one of the best ever. Michael Mann treats all characters as if they were real, living people and they might as well be. For every action, there's always a reaction, and there's not a stone Mann left unturned. He ensures every choice made by the characters earn the maximum effect, and in turn, make for a highly provoking yet satisfying experience. Everything carries over. It's not often you'd find an action picture that has an all-timer screenplay to boot, but this is it. I do not hesitate to call this one of the greatest films ever made, for Mann's eye for the psychology never fails here. His eye for action is certainly terrific, but the real miracle is that he ensures that we understand the mindset of every character, and we feel every repercussion. It never feels convenient but honestly feels genuine.

If you haven't already, go watch this. It's absolutely one of the best action films ever made, and this is my only second time seeing this. The staying power is as immense as my first time, and many more revisits will be had. Essential in every sense of the word.

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