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  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Mean Streets
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


  • No Time to Die


  • An American Werewolf in London


  • The Green Knight


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  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Fukunaga was able to create such a perfect atmosphere for Daniel Craig’s “Bond”, and we've seen him do many different styles already, that it makes me wonder if he’s a bit of a chameleon director. Not a bad thing necessarily but something to note for future projects.
    He gets the scale and spectacle right. All the grandeur associated with Bond is accessible. It’s only really in the third act that this the film didn’t work for me. The build up was…

  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    Movie rules.
    Great tracks.

Popular reviews

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    Straight after watching this I was totally illiterate. Since then I’ve been able to collect my sprawling thought and this is where I’m going to dump them.

    Bo Burnham is one of the most talented performers I’ve ever seen. So much work went into this thing. His lighting skills alone are freaky. I feel so privileged to be able to watch him evolve over the decades to come.

    Lockdown was surreal for everyone (odd saying this while I’m literally in…

  • The Pest

    The Pest


    Only if you really really really hate yourself you should watch this. I wanted to die for every single one of these 82 minutes. I am so finished with this movie that I am not even bothered to think of a bonus rating. Good riddance.