Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

DISCLAIMER: So, I will probably need to watch this one again later on, as I watched it under the weather after taking a new pill that my doctor prescribed, and thus was worried about fainting due to the second effects of the drug.

Now, by the time I finished watching this I was in a state of recovery, so I got the gist of the story in many ways, but the nonlinear format was confusing, and having all men with beards and looking very similar did not help. I'm also still unsure if Jason was supposed to be always good or bad. Hopefully, with another watch, I'll be able to figure this out better.

In spite of those little details, I had a great time with this one. Richie's camera work and overall tone (apart from the opening credits that reminded me of "The Gentleman") represented almost a new approach for him as a filmmaker - though you could still see traces of his trademaks very subtly infused into the story. Its dark tone and brooding depiction of violence is reminiscent of Thriller movies from the 1970s and 1980s, especially those starring Michael Caine and Charles Bronson. The way Statham's H always shows some form of fear and weakness by the third act, even when we get glimpses of his fantastic fighting skills, was very nice.

And speaking of Jason, in a film where every character doesn't get much development and at least five of the characters look dangerously alike, H receives the most attention and this pays off as you care about him and his quest for revenge. It is very hard to argue with many who call this his best work to date as an actor, especially when dealing with the dramatic moments.

In terms of the technical aspects, I loved how everything was shot with fluid camerawork and some great tracking shots. One of the aspects of the movie that I enjoyed was the score, which while simple and one note, adds so much to the movie, particularly in many of its emotional moments, and also adds a lot of tension and a sense of threat to the film.

All in all, while it has plenty of flaws, Ritchie strikes a balance between revenge thriller and heist film in a compelling way that both fans of the director and fans of the genre may enjoy and fully appreciate.

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Wrath of Man

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