The Last Letter From Your Lover

The Last Letter From Your Lover ★★★

Netflix's new romantic film is almost as sappy and Hallmark-esque as many of the service's other movies in the genre, but the writing and performances elevate it enough that you don't feel guilty about watching.

Following in many ways the plot of The Photograph, but with letters instead of pictures driving the story, Woodley captures not only the film's tone but also the mannerisms of women back in the 60s (at least in the movies) with the glossy, contrast driven night shots give the flashback scenes an almost dreamlike feel, which works perfectly with the romantic aspect of the film. Callum Turner also succeeds in playing a man who wants to find his girl and can't bring himself to feel personal when he succeeds or fails in finding her. The chemistry between the two are great enough to make you feel moved by the story and their impossible affair. Despite the fact that her whole section feels more like a device to move the story along, Felicity Jones is also pretty good.

All in all, while it plays like a Nicholas Sparks novel, the premise and tone of this film might not appeal to everyone, however if you like romantic movies with soapy twists and turns, this is worth watching.

The Last Letter From Your Lover
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