Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver ★★★★½

Action!: The Gangs Of Scorsese

What's left to be said about a movie that's been so much studied and reviewed for so many people, from historians to common folks like myself?

Personally I loved how the movie starts with this man by the name of Travis whose hypocritical thoughts set him into a path of destruction with an apparent no return. He talks about the filth of the street, he's so much caught into this view that he seems to be blinded to the fact he's one of the filth. A passive one, sure, but one nonetheless. Taking a woman to a porn movie on its first date, even in a time when that industry was at its peak in a mainstream discourse thanks to Deep Throat and you may say you don't know anything about movies, but one of it its a valid excuse by any means - that action is just a graphic example of what lies in the darkest corners only us and God knows, corners that at times throws a light and let those in the exterior who dares to take a chance and glimpse into this place.

However, there's still hope, a light at the end of the tunnel as they say. A light that may often come from some of the most unexpected places and change our ways. Guardian Angels dressed as part of the scum we draw our hatred towards. And if we choose to take it, we might turn from villains to unlikely heroes. Dreaming, perhaps, with a better tomorrow though that should never be our first intentions because sometimes those dreams may never fully come true, in which case instead of going back to who we were, we must look forward as there might be something better awaiting.

All in all, a great movie about the complexities of being a human being accentuated by a great lead performance, a score that delivers every emotional punches and a strong direction that never loses its strong hand.

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Taxi Driver

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