Koyaanisqatsi ★★★★

Finally got my way around to perhaps the second film Cinefix (awesome YouTube movie channel for those who haven't heard of it) has almost like a staple on each of their videos.

Just like all the nature documentaries by National Geography, it boasts a kinetic energy through the use of beautiful and rather interesting visuals with a wonderful score.

I can see why people would HATE this movie as, like one of my followers stated, it's almost like watching dry paint fall. Personally I watched it on a higher speed, though I also switched to normal speed just to get an idea of the vision of the film itself. Personally I found the score and the visuals much exciting and awesome on a higher speed rate.

All in all, a mesmerizing look at the world from nature to the most mundane things in life brought to life in an incredible fashion.

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