Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★½

For anyone like myself who have wondered whatever happened to Elijah Wood, from what I get from this movie he was busy playing as a member of Foxy Shazam.... or a Frank Zappa cover band.

But seriously, here's another movie I spent the last year constantly hearing about and never get a chance to watch til today... and I mean, that was something.

Personally I loved how the movie let you know you are in for something offbeat, oddball and weird. The film is injected with lots of dark humor, not only through the acting but also the score often plays with eerie melodies that feels somewhat playful. This music, in my opinion, lets audience know what they are in for. That, and the fact the film opens with two quotes, one kinda deep by Shakespeare followed by Beyonce.

Speaking of tone, the script does a great job bending genres together in ways that come as pretty smart and, for some like myself, pretty unexpected. The second act is a much fun and sometimes even hilarious shift in tone and story without missing the core theme of the film, but rather highlighting it even more.

Performances are all around pretty good. Everyone embraces the weird to perfection in a way where they come as scary beings but also fun in the process. Wood was a delight and Stephen McHattie was creepy as well. I will not reveal any other's character because I would be falling into heavy spoilers territory, but they were awesome too.

All in all, while its second half its a bit more entertaining than the first half, its twists and turns as well as its performances and script makes for a very enjoyable dark comedy/thriller.

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