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  • Young Guns II

    Young Guns II


    After watching the first movie, people brought to my attention this sequel, with many claiming it was a bit better.

    And in many regards, they were right. In many ways the film reinvents the iconic cat-and-mouse game between Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. Some of the new choices made lift up the material and the original casting do a beautiful job imparting their charm and talent. Lou and Keifer stood out the most to me, both for their magnetic…

  • The Quick and the Dead

    The Quick and the Dead


    Action!: Three Degrees Of Separation - Sam Raimi & The Slap B Sticks

    After the Looney Tunes madness that was Army of Darkness, Raimi tones down himself a bit as he keeps the gun and humor and shifts the Medieval for the Wild Wild West, with a stacked cast including icons, rising young stars, and established stars.

    You'll find an already snarky DiCaprio who proves right from the get-go the womanizer and charmer he will become. Future Academy Award winner Russell…

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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    Long story short, this movie was supposed to be released at our local theater this week but unfortunately the theater's site didn't get updated correctly until Friday night. So I would have probably missed this if I didn't check the theater's site again on Friday night.

    In many ways, I am proud that I did this as I can visualize people enjoying the movie much more on the big screen with an active audience – though differently than Godzilla vs…

  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    Action!: Three Degrees Of Separation - Sam Raimi & The Slap B Sticks

    Over the top doesn’t even come close to describing this film, but what is certain is that this film is in Sam Raimi’s wheelhouse. The director's love for slapstick is in sync with the genres rife in the indie and underground film movement at the time, from gore horror to exploitation, which all come together as cohesive and chaotic at the same time.

    It is easy to understand…