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  • The Vigil

    The Vigil


    “What Thomas and his crew accomplish in a Brooklyn brownstone’s cramped quarters is nothing short of miraculous. Elongated by the camera lens, the Litvaks’ home seems to expand to fit the mental state of its inhabitant.”

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  • SAS: Red Notice

    SAS: Red Notice


    “Anyone who spent the Nineties in the Action-Adventure section of their local video store will find a kindred spirit in SAS: Red Notice. There’s more than a little Under Siege or Executive Decision in the film’s DNA, a prolonged, wrong-place-wrong-time gunfight featuring a creature of Western foreign policy’s own making.”

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  • Before the Fall

    Before the Fall


    In 2008, Spanish filmmaker F. Javier Gutiérrez took his modest end-of-the-world thriller to the highest heights of the film festival circuit, including a nomination for Best Debut Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. So why is Before the Fall (Tres días) so unknown within genre circles? In this week's episode of Certified Forgotten, filmmaker Becky Sayers joins Monagle and Donato to discuss this paradoxically hopeful and hopeless apocalyptic experience.

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  • The Rookies

    The Rookies

    “Some of the worst instincts of Chinese blockbusters are on full display here. For one, the film has an allergy to practical effects, undercutting passable action sequences with blatant digital additions. For another, it exists as a thinly veiled excuse to foster international tourism, this time highlighting the city of Budapest at nearly the exact moment that China has quadrupled its airline routes to Hungary.”

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  • The Wall

    The Wall


    Since my friend and I were the only people in attendance for most of the pre-show, we got to chatting with our server. At one point we asked him his thoughts about the movie and, in a moving display of candor, he explained to us that he is a military veteran - eight years of service - and that he had a really tough time adjusting to civilian life after his discharge. To that end, he apologized to us in…

  • Ninjababy



    “In its best moments, though, Ninjababy echoes the warmth of Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child, another film about an unwanted pregnancy and a romance centered on kindness. Thorp is a revelation, carrying the movie’s weight in her eyes and making even the most manufactured moments of the film feel grounded.”

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