Suspiria ★★★★

Suspiria feels like a surrealist panic attack.

From the vibrant colours to the puzzling environments, Suspiria is permeated with a wonderfully anxious ambience. There is a constant kaleidoscope of creeping concern, punctuated with horrific moments of visceral violence. It's an absolute delight.

For better or worse, this impeccable aesthetic takes complete precedence over actual plot elements. The events of the movie act as more of a mood, rather than an actuality. Instead, it's the style of the film that's responsible for exploring any sort of story — namely, the experience of being in an industry that's emotionally and psychologically oppressive. And while the film is generally successful in its stylistic approach, the overall narrative might have benefitted from a greater focus on more literal plot scenarios (alongside the swath of emotive ones).

But in the end, Suspiria is very much a film that revels in the delights of psycho-sensory horror. And in terms of emotive style, Suspiria is more than happy to bare its heart out.

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