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  • Stay Tuned

    Stay Tuned

    Now this is a movie that I saw many, many times as a kid. Cable staple. I was really hesitant to revisit it because in my head, it had that stink of repeated cable viewings, but I was also curious about its not-often-replicated sketch movie-ish structure.

    Well, it turns out, it's even better than I remembered...? Okay so, basic premise: John Ritter is a TV-addicted failure of a husband. Though a deal with a demon, he gets a new satellite,…

  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    What a great, small little movie. The scale of this movie feels like a play, with a lot of interpersonal conversations and moments and looks, but Fassbinder pulls out his cinematic tools to heighten the dialogue with excellent framing, blocking, and camera movements. *When* the camera moves really caught my eye. You’ll have a lot of static shots and then to punctuate a scene, it’ll shift to a really dynamic dolly shot or a well-timed push in. Great stuff. 


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  • Cruella


    For a second time. And it is worth watching a second time. There’s lots of hints at what’s to unfold early on, particularly in Mark Strong’s reactions in the background. 

    But more than that, I came away with the undeniable feeling that at its core, this is a conman/heist movie, and one of the better ones at that. And what’s unfortunate is that there are people who would be totally game for that kind of movie, but completely turned off…

  • Hook


    I don't think enough people are aware that in this movie, Robin Williams calls a child a "near-sighted gynecologist".