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Favorite films

  • Amadeus
  • The Fabulous Baron Munchausen
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • Brazil

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  • The Plague Dogs


  • Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live!


  • Hollyweird

  • The Room


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  • Dune



    If every planet had a desert
    With giant nematodes
    Then everybody'd be worm-surfin'
    Like Fremen commandos
    You'd see 'em wearin' their stillsuits
    Plantin' thumpers too
    Bene Bene Gesserit hairdos
    Surfin' Arrakis...hey!

    You'd catch 'em worm-surfin on Kaitain
    [Inside, outside, Arrakeen]
    and on Geidi Prime
    [Inside, outside, Arrakeen]
    Machine worlds Ix and Richese
    [Inside, outside, Arrakeen]
    Tleilax doesn't rhyme
    [Inside, outside, Arrakeen]
    All over Lampadas
    And down Caladan way

    Everybody's worm-surfin'
    Surfin' Arrakis..hey!

    We'll all be planning out a route

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    I want to murder a lighthouse wickie
    And bury him next to me
    I want to slaughter a lighthouse wickie
    Right by the side of the sea
    He'll polish his knob with a cry of glee
    A scrimshaw mermaid on his knee
    I want to butcher a lighthouse wickie
    Won't that be okay?

    We'll find a head in the old cistern
    Drink turpentine by the shore
    We'll invite the mighty Kraken in
    And one-eyed seagulls by the score

    I dream…

Recent reviews

  • The Plague Dogs

    The Plague Dogs


    A harsh and unflinching depiction of two innocent dogs subjected to hideous experimentation that's the antithesis of the overly-cute stylings of Watership Down, despite the fact that both films are based on books by author Richard Adams.

    The naturalistic and incredibly detailed animation of the Lake District of Northwest England is stunning, as are the characterizations of the two lead canines. The voice talent is pitch-perfect, featuring some of the U.K.'s leading actors, who bring a heartbreaking realism to the…

  • Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live!

    Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live!


    I've seen the BMG live, in one of their many incarnations, three times over the past 20 years. My initiation was back in 2000 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, when I was working at the National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow. None of my cow-orkers could be pried away from the bar where they were still talking shop after a 12-hour workday, so I went solo and was completely blown away by their complex combination of multimedia, bizarre instrumentation,…

Popular reviews

  • Harold and Maude

    Harold and Maude


    I get why this film resonates so much with a specific demographic of nostalgic old hippies, and aging baby-boomers who feel creatively stifled by their careers, but its central message of tuning in, turning on, and dropping out was a tad outdated even when it was originally released, and it certainly hasn't aged like a fine wine since.

    But what really chaps my ass are the 1-dimensional strawmen authority figures that director Hal Ashby sets up as Harold's obstacles on…

  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    ♪ Girlfriend with no body
    I know, I know
    It's serious ♪