Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★½

Rotten Tomatoes: 87%
Metacritic Metascore: 63
IMDb: 6.0


Release Date: 07 February 2020
Distributor: Saban Films
Budget: Unknown
Worldwide Gross: $116K
Filming Locations: Vancouver - Tofino, BC

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Norval Greenwood: "Semen contains more proteins and nutrients than an ear."

SYNOPSIS: A man in his thirties travels to a remote cabin to reconnect with his estranged father.
- Source: IMDb

This film turned out to be so much different from what I imagined but in a good way. This is one of those movies that rejects genre classification, for Ant Timpson and Toby Harvard compiled a variety of elements, emotions, and oddities and blended them together seamlessly.

TRIVIA: The origin of the movie came when Ant Timpson's father passed away, his father's partner thought it was best to bring him home after embalmment as a way to spend time with the grieving family, which the week was spent with the corpse in an open coffin. Then, people that he didn't know came to pay their respects to his father, sharing stories of a man that does not seem like his father.

Elijah Wood's character, Norval, is aptly named. He is an innocent nerd, called to visit his estranged-since-childhood father at a remote and beautiful house on the shore of Vancouver Island. The father (Stephen McHattie) is creepy from the get-go and definitely does a good job of drawing you into the story. This film is a roller coaster ride of extreme tension and release and violence with a generous slab of black comedy to top it all off. Just suspend your belief enough to erase the words "We've got to get you to hospital" from your memory.

TRIVIA: The films that influence the film; and Ant's reasoning for them, are Snowball Express (1972) ("for the cat & mouse twists"), Sexy Beast (2000) ("for the jarring lead antagonist and turns from comedy to violence"), The Servant (1963) ("for the mindgames with those we're inavoidably [sic] linked with"), The Birthday Party (1968) ("for the pitch-black comedy of menace") and Sam Peckinpah's 1971 masterpiece Straw Dogs (1971) ("for the simmering violence awakened in the lead").

Ant Timpson turns in a very solid directorial debut. Color me intrigued about where he takes his career from here.

Did you enjoy the film? If not, what could have done to make it better in your eyes?

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Fact-Checking / TRIVIA Source: IMDb

Stay safe my friends.

Directing - 3.5/5
Screenplay - 3/5
Editing - 3.5/5
Prod Design - 3.5/5
Acting - 4/5
Sound - 3.5/5
Pacing - 3.5/5
Suspense - 3.5/5
Enjoyment rating - 8.5/10

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