Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★

A lot of this felt like a remake of FLASH GORDON, but most of it consisted of the same tropes so many blockbusters (especially of the Marvel variety) are made of. Loud, explosive, chaotic and overly stimulating set pieces which I mentally checked out of halfway through each time, bland villains who speak like they were written by Lancelot Andrewes where the leader is a guy who sits on a throne alone in a big empty room, a Maguffin which can destroy the world, an epic climax where a city gets destroyed, and sappy character moments.

The plot was pretty bare bones, and other bits of it were on cruise control with the Marvel road map drawn by Feige & Co.

Seeing how much it did stick so many of the typical trappings gives me a good idea as to why Edgar Wright walked away from Ant Man. There really isn't that much that can be done there to veer from the path or dare to be too original without getting the reins tightened to a choking degree.

That all aside, I did enjoy some of the humour, as well as the visual style. Also, there's something to be said for the fact that I found the CG characters (Rocket Raccoon and Groot) to be the most interesting. Half a star for the Lloyd Kaufman cameo, as well as the cameo from a beloved star of a Marvel box office flop from a past decade.

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