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  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    This is a ticket straight to hell. Literally.

    I've known the existence of this film for some years now but never had the chance nor the bravery to watch it. It's not your typical revenge movie. Imagine the cat captures the mouse, plays with it (metaphorically speaking), and releases him. And that same gameplay all over again. One of the big achievements this film has is that it does have an intrinsic ability to inflict pain like you're inside the…

  • Saint Frances

    Saint Frances


    Such an intimate, subtle, beautiful, natural portrait of life itself, leaving taboos by the side. The uplifting script and the female-led cast works perfectly as an eye-opener on different matters such as abortion, depression, menstruation, same-sex marriage, and other stuff that's pretty necessary to open up about. A boundary-breaking film that not only entertains but also educates, and one that a lot of people may need.

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  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw


    The day has finally come. I was pretty excited to share with you my thoughts on Spiral. First of all, I need to say that I was a huge fan of the franchise back in the day, and I say back in the day because every new installment that came after chapter 6 was a total letdown, at least for me.

    Having said that, my Spiral expectations were null. It even crossed my mind that the film would be loaded…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    This was the last film I was supposed to watch before the pandemic shut everything down; sadly, I didn't make it to the screening last year. John Krasinski definitely knew how to make a comeback with what could be one of the best horror sequels of all time.

    If A Quiet Place had you on the edge of your seat, this won't be the exception. We get a satisfying (but partly explained) glimpse at the beginnings of the monster-invasion chaos.…