The Young Girls of Rochefort

The Young Girls of Rochefort ★★★★

Nothing short of joyous. A bustling, colorful musical about love. Nothing more, nothing less. Following The umbrellas of Cherbourg director Jaques Demy seems to have infused every element of the classic musical he rejected in his previous film here. Elaborately choreographed dance numbers break up the plot, and dialogue and musical numbers lead into one another instead of overlapping. It’s just one fun, wide angle musical number after the other, Deneuve never looked as vibrant as she does here and the color palette could just be gobbled up, it’s so delicious. Lots of large scale, outdoors dance numbers in squares and streets and a truly impressive musical structure. Each character has a theme that represents them, and is mirrored by their partner. Wether its in love, friendship or sisterhood. My favorite bit might be the way a gruesome murder is worked into the plot and everyone sings and dances about it and falls in love like it’s just a regular old day.