Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby ★★★★

«This is probably the silliest thing that ever happened to me” says a half-defeated looking Carey Grant about halfway into this classic Howard Hawkes screwball comedy. The plot is certainly too silly to even begin to explain. I really tried at one point. Regardless I was too busy laughing through most of the film anyway. Bringing up baby is the kind of film that cruises by on Hollywood logic and movie star charm. Grant’s Huxley and Hepburns Vance are the kind of unlikely, and frankly unlikeable, couple that would be absolutely exhausting in real life and never work out, but because of the charisma of Grant and Hepburn they’re kind of irresistible instead of just flat out annoying. 

Like most good screwball comedies the characters have a snappy repartee and the dialogue is laden with rock solid double entendres and innuendos. Hawkes proves here, like in His girl friday that he really understands the dynamic of these stilted dialogues and how to make the flow while also letting the jokes land elegantly.