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  • Don't Think Twice

    Don't Think Twice


    I came here to laugh, not to cry.

    Six improv comedians come to a crossway, when their regular venue is about to close and it makes them consider what they are doing with their lives.

    I basicly didn't know any of the plot beforehand, nor did I watch any trailer for it.
    I vaguely heard about it, and saw a few familar faces on the poster, and it got my interest.
    I applaud the movie for showing the bittersweet reality,…

  • Centervagt


    After seeing this, I am ready for lockdown number 3.
    Clearly re-opening the society was a mistake.

    Filled with cringeworthy dialogue, empty flat characters with little to no personality, incoherent and inconsistent plot (they hire a third mallcop, when they can't even afford two), jokes with no set-up, jokes with no punchline, a joke where the punchline is litteraly a punch.
    The list goes on.
    And so will I.

    The two mall cops takes turn to play a thief, where…

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  • Spread



    It's always interesting to follow a main character that you don't nescesarily like, but still feel sympathy for.
    I appreciate the change of focus it had halfway through, but I am left with wanting a bit of sharper dialogue and seen it going more on a destructive downward spiral.

  • Fast Five

    Fast Five


    A very solid heist movie, with some well thought out and executed action sequences, and a satisfying climax.
    Knowing it only gets mote batshit crazy from here, this was the last "grounded" entry in the Fast saga.
    With that being said, crank up the wildness and bring it on!

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  • Abandon


    I should have abandoned watching this.

  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner


    A lot of rubbish.
    But the two final minutes had me smiling in sheer confusion, and because I couldn't believe what was going on.
    That last showdown was hillarious on it own terms, and the fact that it was completly pointless just made it better.