Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

It’s always fun to watch Jason Statham kick a lot of ass. This film heist atmosphere does a decent job allowing tons of that while dealing with the revenge arc.

Guy Ritchie’s films for the most part use a flashback heavy structure, which is okay. In this one however, the entire middle act spends way to much time filling us in on the backstory of a crew that has almost no significance to the central revenge plot. Not to mention the twenty or thirty minutes spent on that drags on for to long. It eventually picks back up with the main story and redeems itself with a more satisfying and intense ending.

The cast was pretty stacked outside of Statham. Hartnett, McCallany, and the smaller roles from Garcia and Alonso. I like Eastwood but he still needs some time to work up to roles like this. He’s great but he didn’t feel like he was the best fit for his role.

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