WALL·E ★★★★

Lots of Disney and Pixar films out there that I’ve never seen, and I now have the opportunity to watch virtually all of them on Disney+. WALL-E was near the top of my list, and I didn’t hesitate to seek it out.

It’s one of those films I’d knew I’d enjoy just based on the fact that it’s Pixar’s take on a sci-fi film. I was not expecting just how unique of a take on humanity’s future we were going to get. It’s ironic that the launch of Disney+ actually moves society a step closer to the screen addicted, consumerist reality of this movie. Of course, all that is just background for a fantastic story of a lonely robot who finds love. It’s touching in that way a lot of Pixar movies are. Suffice it to say WALL-E met eleven years of expectations for me.   

One down, a ton of movies to go. One of these days I’ll most likely just be floating around in a chair watching all these flicks 😆