The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★

While I was always planning to see this movie, I got worried because of the trailers. For me, it looked like the trailers were giving too much away and I was worried that the whole film got spoiled in the trailers. Nevertheless I was still intrigued to see a different take on The Invisible Man and was still hopeful there was more to the film than what the trailers were showing. Also this director directed Upgrade which was a pretty great film that was very well directed so I kept my hopes up. 

Well I am very happy to say that this film did actually have more than what the trailers were showing. This film luckily had enough in it to keep me guessing. There was shockingly no dull scenes in this movie because it does a really great job of building tension. The scares in this movie are plentiful and while there are some cliche jump scares, they’re actually done very well and add to the tension that the film presents to you. This made the film pretty entertaining from beginning to end because of great tension building and some cool fight scenes or “action” scenes. This movie is also very well written surprisingly. The dialogue never felt fake like in many horror movies and it actually felt genuine for the most part. A lot of this has to do with Elisabeth Moss’ fantastic performance. She continues to impress me in everything she’s in and she really is fantastic in this movie. You really feel for her character because a lot of people can relate to being in a domestic abuse relationship or even just had someone in their lives that was extremely controlling and got in your head. It also makes you feel bad for her because everyone obviously thinks she’s crazy for saying there’s an invisible abusive ex who is tormenting her. The tension also comes from some very creative things done with a camera. The way the camera pans away to certain things will have you looking for this guy wondering where he is even though you pretty much know you’re not going to see him, but you’re also going to be looking for signs that he is there. This film is also surprisingly pretty quiet which makes it a lot less cheesy because it’s not all about loud and cheap scares. It just really focuses on how this guy is tormenting Elisabeth Moss. This film could’ve really been so ridiculous but it’s smart and clever in a way that keeps it separated from other bad horror movies by actually making it be focused on the psychological aspect of the torture. My only real issues with the film have to do with a few plot holes I can’t get into without spoilers. There was also a potential twist that was ruined by the trailers so it was kind of a missed opportunity. I did also see the final twist coming at a certain point and that bothered me a little bit but not to the point that it took away from the experience. It still manages to be very intense with the somewhat predictable ending. 

Conclusion: This film was a bigger surprise than I could’ve expected. I can’t praise Elisabeth Moss enough and Leigh Whannell deserves all the credit in the world for some really great directing. This is a very solid horror film that had some fantastic tension building and no cheap scares. Check this one out because it’s well worth your time. 


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