Old ★★★½

This was one of the most interesting movies I’ve seen. This has also been one of the most uncomfortable movies I’ve seen. First off the acting in this one was amazing and from watching the trailer I was expecting it to be good. The cinematography was beautiful and so were the camera shots on the beach. I was really hooked into this movie and was eager to find out what would happen. There were some problems though. Even though this movie wasn’t even 2 hours it still felt pretty long, I don’t know if it has to do with the time in the movie or if it needed to be shorter. Which brings me to my next point, there were some unnecessary scenes that could’ve been used to explain the plot more since there were a lot of plot holes. Overall this movie just felt like it could be better. So I did enjoy this one a lot even though there were some plot holes I still had fun with this one.