The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★½

Edgar Rice Burroughs was a prolific pulp fiction writer , one of my childhood favourite go-to reads. He gave us Tarzan of the Apes, Barsoom and Pelucidor to name a few that have made it to the big screen.

This rendition of Tarzan, I think is loosely based on The Jewels of Opar story, but I could be wrong. Opar is an African Kingdom rich in gold and jewel deposits, its natives are the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis. Anyway, back to the review!

We don't get bogged down too much with Tarzan's origin story which is told in flashbacks. unfortunately I felt that our hero spent more time being beaten up by Apes and tied up by our villain than doing heroic things.

Tarzan swings through the trees, has a couple of fisty cuff fights, but in general did not wow me with his on screen antics, or made me feel he was in any way special or deserve the fear he instilled in the natives. In fact he spends more time doing his Dr Doolittle act, rubbing heads with wild animals.

This is not to say that it is a bad movie! its certainly not a great one, but is watchable. the cast are good and deliver good performances, particularly the ballsy Margot Robbie as Jane.

A.S as Tarzan? does a good job, could have been better if they had loosened the reins a bit and let him be a bit more savage prowling through the jungle. But that niggle lies more at the feet of the producers than the actor, who played the part admirably, I thought.

If like me, Tarzan holds a special place in your heart, then give this a look. My recommendation would be 'Greystoke the legend of Tarzan lord of the Apes' with Cristopher Lambert. but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Have fun watching it!

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