Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★★


”We talkin' or we racin'?”

Might not have the same thoughts as everyone else when it comes to the film, but Justin Lin’s Fast Five has to go down in history as one of the finest action films of its respective decade. Not only does the film excel in every way, shape, & form from the previous entries, it acts like a culmination of the lives that the characters led and all leads to this moment and the shift from street racing to international heists. Lin simply doesn’t let the film rest at any small bit.

Even on top of being a brilliant and exhilarating action film, the actual heist fits so well with the franchise and the characters. Not only does it feel like at home in the heist, but it surpasses all exceptions and does each and every turn in the finest way. It’s all thanks to the simply perfect and kinetic way that Justin Lin shoots his films. You could see glimpses in the past two entries but here, it all comes together and it’s breathtaking watching him move throughout so smoothly and effortlessly; a damn marvel to see.

The cast here too fits right at home. Dom, Brian, Mia form the main trio and then everyone around them just builds upon the structure and makes for a ragtag team that all have their own moments. Not to mention the introduction of Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs (nice!) letting the entire cast work wonders with each other. Even if I’m not all for the behind-the-scenes revolving the drama, on-screen, it’s a dynamic and entertaining as all hell ensemble that worked wonders in front of director Justin Lin.

I don’t really think the series can ever top this if I’m honest. There’s so much right going on that I think it would be hard to capture that lighting in the bottle again. The emotion is here and the family is all around. Not only my favorite of the bunch, but one of my all-time favorite films. Undoubtedly an action masterpiece; Justin Lin’s best (so far) and could watch them take a bank safe attached to cars through Rio all day.

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