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  • Mainstream



    You gotta be dumb to be smart.

    An artistically shot indie dramedy with an interesting concept and unique characters, featuring some hilarious and thought provoking dialogue. The editing is a little over the top, but doesn't take away from the genuine, youtube-like camera work. Andrew Garfield is brilliant in this film. He understood the role, and how important his ability to captivate an audience would be to this character. His wild antics are charming and hilarious, as he seemingly just…

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    A hilarious, exciting animated comedy with brilliant artwork brought to life by fantastic direction and a world class voice-over cast. The story-line is completely original for this type of film and all of the plot points are remarkably creative. This movie has it all. A heartfelt message, hilarious and original characters, and visuals that will keep you engaged throughout. The dynamics between characters were as developed as an award winning, live action drama film. I typically don't expect much out…

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  • In the Earth

    In the Earth


    A long winded horror thriller featuring unbearable sounds and images editted together in the most abrasive fashion imaginable. Director, Ben Wheatly attempted to force the audience to endure the sensory torture of which the protagonists are experiencing, creating an atmosphere that couldn't possibly produce a watchable film. The opening shots capture the scenery quite nicely, but otherwise the camera work is very shaky during any and all movement.

    The narrative was overly complicated, not to mention strange. The twist was…

  • Monster



    A courtroom drama loaded with plot holes and countless inaccuracies regarding the law, and processes within the justice system. The subtext of the story is foggy, stripping the film of its purpose as far as continuing any social conversations. I believe the filmmakers had good intentions, but the combination of a lack of research, and lack of context within the story makes for a meaningless film. Director, Anthony Mandler approached this project with an overly ambitious vision. It seems that…

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  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen


    A slow burning horror drama with a slight spin on the usual haunted house storyline. There were moments where action packed events were shown off camera or not at all, which left a lot to be desired as far as visuals. There were some nice shots of the scenery, but other than that the camera work was below average.

    The supporting cast were all sufficient, but Amanda Seyfried was exceptional. She was able to assist the already well written screenplay,…

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    An absolutely brutal superhuman/fighting movie that delivers on everything it promises to video game fans and followers of the franchise. The dialogue is weak, the acting is okay, and the character development is saved for Cole Young, but that's not what you're buying here and most of us know that. The choreography is incredibly detailed, allowing every fight scene to be shot perfectly. It's necessary to state that I feel like there was the perfect amount of fighting in this…