Bones ★★★★

Just going to put this out there: skeleton / withered-corpse coming back to life is the best special effect and should be in every movie. Christine the car fixing herself also counts, for the record.

Anyway, this Snoop Dogg-centric horror film was an absolute blast. It borrows a lot of ideas from other horror (the coming back to life thing is pure Hellraiser) but feels very much like its own thing - revenge from beyond the grave is a well trodden sub-subgenre but Bones has a fascinating vibe and a charismatic cast (hell yeah Pam Grier) and I had a really good time with it.

The mix of practical and CGI FX can be a bit of a downer, especially in films of this era, but I actually thought the digital stuff in this one had aged pretty well, in a strange kinda way. Demon Knight is the Ernest Dickerson film that always makes it onto cult / underrated horror lists but I reckon this one should be right up there too.

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