Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside


…the only word I can use to describe Bo Burnham’s pandemic-centered special. There’s a shot in this movie (and yes I’m calling it a movie, in a twisted documentary sort-of-way) where Bo is watching a video of himself as a 16 year old in his first ever YouTube video. It’s reminiscent of The Aviator, and for me it brought back memories of mine when I first started to discover Bo at around the same age. 

I’ve revisited this movie a few times already since it first debuted, and have found new things to love and discover about each segment with each viewing. Every moment is layered and planned out to perfection, with Bo’s deteriorating mental state serving as a through-line for the project. 

Emphasized by my favorite song of the bunch, “Funny Feeling”, Inside describes exactly what many of us felt during the pandemic, but didn’t have the means to express it so creatively. As a long-time fan of Bo’s I’ll return to this often as his magnum opus and culmination of all his previous work. As a time capsule of a year we’d all like to forget, I know I’ll show this to my kids one day…long after I’ve turned 30…

{#37 on Favorites list} {#1 on Best Movies of 2021 list}

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