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  • Possession
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  • The Seventh Seal
  • Son of the White Mare

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  • The Tall Man

  • Crossfire


  • The Call

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  • The Tall Man

    The Tall Man

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is one of the most reactionary, classist piece of shit film I've ever seen.

    Hey, you know all those systemic problems inherent to capitalism that plague poor rural communities? All that inter-generational trauma has a terrible effect on children, no doubt. But don't worry, this movie has a solution. Just steal their kids and give them to rich urban people. Duh! Generational trauma gone. Capitalism redeemed.

    This is actually what the movie endorses, even if the last line hints…

  • Crossfire


    Absolute garbage heap of a film. A constant stream of lies and bullshit. But who could expect anything else from an open white nationalist and fascist. I highly suggest that anyone who wants to know its content but doesn't want to sit through 2 hours of right-wing propaganda instead watch José, an excellent Youtuber, dissect it in his most recent video, "The Many Lies of Crossfire". He provided sources for all his points in the description.

    Fuck Lauren Southern. Fuck white supremacy. Fuck white nationalism. Fuck fascism. ACAB.

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  • Donald Trump Is President and You're Not: A Portrait of Donald J. Trump

    Donald Trump Is President and You're Not: A Portrait of Donald J. Trump


    Literally "Orange Man Bad: the Movie". Now don't get me wrong. Orange man is in fact bad, but not simply because he's a bumbling fool who can't speak in complete sentences. It's because of his terrible policies, which this film doesn't touch upon. As an expose of his character, it's a fine movie. Vic Berger did an excellent and painstaking job of editing and piecing it together, but don't expect any deep analysis of why his presidency was garbage.


  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    I don't understand why this film is such a big deal. I didn't find it funny, or witty, or insightful, or even entertaining on a basic level.

    What this film does well is showing how horrible, emotionally stunted, and sociopathetic men are. Especially men in positions of power and influence. Every guy in this movie is a rat bastard who treats women like absolute garbage. I'd like to say that society has moved on since the time this film was…