V/H/S/94 ★★★½

VHS 94 was a blast and an impressive return to form for the series. I didn’t find any segment bad, just less good than others:

- Jennifer Reeder’s wraparound Holy Hell feels like campy DTV horror straight from the decade in the movie’s title. Pretty aimless, disjointed, and underwhelming, but offers some eerie visuals.

- Chloe Okuno‘s Storm Drain is short on story but oozes with suffocating sewer atmosphere (among other fluids), fun details, and one especially amazing gore gag. I’m excited to see whatever she directs next. 

- The Empty Wake is a dark stormy chiller from Simon Barrett; narrative-wise, this felt like the slightest segment of the anthology, but the grisly pay-off was tense and creepy. 

- Timo Tjahjanto’s The Subject is essentially the cyberpunk spiritual successor to Frankenstein’s Army I never knew I needed, amplifying that combo to splattery action-horror. Some spotty CGI can’t detract from yet another showcase of the man’s astute genre prowess and eye for mad viscera-drenched carnage. 

- I’ve been awaiting Ryan Prows’ next project since his madcap thriller Lowlife, and his segment Terror is worth the wait. More black-comedy crime antics from the director, now featuring a militia of idiot white supremacists, who get ripped to shreds in very satisfying fashion.

Monsters, mad science, haunted houses, blood, guts, and ample gunfire: VHS94 delivers grainy horror goodness despite its weak wraparound.