Signs ★★★★

Forgot to log this yesterday, but the way Shyamalan is able to capture the mundane and ordinary is just so commendable. The hopelessness and dread could be felt throughout the whole film. And the setting of a small town, along with focusing on a family simply behaving like observers is just terrifying, not being able to be control what’s happening around them, the impending doom slowly creeping upon them. It’s able to just be really gripping, and have a really hopeless atmosphere throughout.

It does however suffer when it comes to actually having an actual conflict, although I do love how the movie is mostly about about graham in general and how he struggles to fit into both parental roles after the death of his wife. There’s something  really existential about the movie, I’ve noticed that with a lot of Shyamalan as I go through his filmography.

 The way he is able to interweave mundane and ordinary life and situations with supernatural/ sci-fi concepts is just so cool.

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