Promare ★★★★

if i saw this in a theater i would have gone ape shit. i would have gotten out of the theater & plowed into the nearest police station with my car to a throng of cheers

thankfully for the pigs, the closest theater was in cherry hill, NJ. which would mean not only would i pay to be in close proximity to other people who would pay money to see an anime in theaters, but i would also have to pay fifteen dollars to leave NJ afterwards

i caught it by plugging my laptop into a big 4k tv instead. an arsonist & a firefighter team up in an escalating series of mechs to burn both ICE & galt's gulch to death. the film exemplifies the philosophy that a stupid thing done earnestly is actually a brilliant thing, & some times its gay as shit too

if you were dying & you only could watch a handful of animes before you croaked, this one would not make the list. but if you were dying like that anyway, better to go out in a blaze of glory, perhaps by plowing your car into a nearby police station to a throng of cheers

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