Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

I can't get over how amazing this film is, i mean i believe in cinema! Everything from the beautiful victorian architecture and set design, to the immersive atmosphere that draws you in from the very second the film begins, Knives Out is a perfect modern reimagining of the murder mystery genre, a love letter to the classic whodunnit story that was exceptionally fun to watch. It felt somewhat edgar wright-esque with it's fast-paced editing style, rich colours and it's satisfying and precise camerawork. the genuinely intriguing and ever-evolving mystery was so entertaining and it actually got you involved and therefore invested. the detectives also weren't bumbling fools who couldn't do their jobs, every character was extremely likeable, fully-realised and understandable making the film a really pleasant and easy experience, having their specific place within the story. everyone's acting in this film was beyond my expectations, everyone truly knocked it out of the park and felt perfect for their roles, i mean talk about perfect casting.

it is seemingly impossible to get bored whilst watching this film as there is no moment that ever feels out of place or unnecessary, the film is also incredibly clever and well-written and every moment of dialogue was so exact and perfectly executed. the film's eclectic and dysfunctional family of "self-made overachievers" was the best and most standout element of the film as their absolute chaotic energy really made up all of the film's personality along with the beautiful cinematography. i really appreciated the very subtle but definitely present rich vs poor theme the film was constantly hinting at, it also hinted at themes of ignorance (as marta's country of origin kept changing), privilege and discrimination all while being so lighthearted and hilarious in the process. the film was surprisingly dramatic and serious at times, feeling more like a pretty intense detective drama and less like a quirky mystery tale which was a refreshing balance the film made work very well. really appreciated daniel craig's fantastic accent which was an obvious reflection of the over-the-top accents of the classic whodunnit detectives from the past and so i thought that was a really funny addition. overall, this film was a wonderful experience filled with twists and jaw-dropping moments, and it very much felt like it's own original entity that adds to the genre rather than ineffectively use it

the moral of the film is: be a kind person and you'll hopefully earn a very rich man's inheritance

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