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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    “…'cause I immigrated from the single greatest little place in the Caribbean: Dominican Republic! I love it!”

    God I feel so proud to be Dominican and seeing my country being represented in such a huge film. From the moment Usnavi sang this line, I was crying. I hadn’t been to the movie theater in a year and a half and I’m so glad this was my first film back. EVERYONE GO WATCH THIS!!!

  • Cruella



    The most fun I’ve had in a while. Yes, Cruella in the original animation is a full blown unforgivable villain, but this movie takes the character to a completely different place, and I was quite surprised. With that said, the story was a little predictable but it was extremely fun to watch nonetheless. The 2 Emmas did a fantastic job and their interactions were my favorite. The production design is great and so were the costumes for the most part.…