Footprints ★★★★½

This drop-dead gorgeous Italian art thriller is one of those films you might call giallo adjacent, a mystery that doesn't use any of the normal conventions you'd find like nubile women in peril or black-gloved killers. (Think "Short Night of Glass Dolls," "Perfume of the Lady in Black," or "House with the Laughing Windows" for other examples.) Florinda Bolkan is excellent here as a woman who can't remember the last three days of her life and tries to piece it together at a dreamlike beachside hotel, while cinematographer Vittorio Storaro outdoes himself with an incredible succession of beautiful images so striking you'll wonder why they don't teach this one in film classes. Very highly recommended as long as you know what you're getting into. The recent German Blu-ray looks really impressive, too; here's a more thorough breakdown: