Natali Tautou

Natali Tautou

internet jokester, film lover. working on a novel about screwed up gay stuff, for the dolls (S.H., coming 2004 for PlayStation 2).

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  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Disney has finally perfected the format of the All-Movie. Loosely as follows:

    1. There is a lore dump. A long time ago a great evil was vanquished at cost. It was all Very Important.

    2. Someone is betrayed and someone's dad dies. This isolates them until they meet someone who's powers let them start the main quest line.

    3. Globe hopping adventure as we gather the members of our RPG party & gather all the Dragon Balls. We spend very little…

  • Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story

    Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story


    Using Barbies gives this short a level of conceptial distance from the actual horrific events without ever denying us intimacy with their horror. The dolls and constant AM radio pop are pure camp, but whatever sweetness they could even remotely suggest is drowned out under the single most destructive and oppressive force in all of American society: overbearing parents. At least I finally get that Sonic Youth song now!

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  • Funeral Parade of Roses

    Funeral Parade of Roses


    Quite possibly one of the most transsexual films of all time, rivaled only maybe by Crash (1996). this one fucking destroyed me. prolly the poppers

  • Shrek



    Shrek is irrefutably a film about being trans. No, I won't explain further. Hopefully you could understand how someone would project a queer reading on a film about someone who isolates himself to avoid constant harassment for merely existing, only to get caught up in the displacement and gentrification of 'The Other,' eventually finding love and family through mutual otherness. Queer readings of films that aren't explicitly queer are an inevitable byproduct of the relative scarcity and inaccessibility of queer…