Fursonas ★★★★½

This was pretty depressing. No, furries don't bug me, nor do the sexual undertones of the fandom, but as someone who didn't know about the internal politics, it was really sad to see the more 'vocal' of the furries tearing each other apart.

It's hard enough for people to figure out who they really are, and what they really want - let alone find a group where they can feel like they belong and feel like they're accepted. I always simply assumed that the only enemies of furdom came from the outside, so it was saddening to see Kage and his brainwashed minions trying to assume control. As someone who had no prior exposure whatsoever, Kage rubbed me the wrong way from the start, but as things went on and we saw more of his outbursts, you could see just how power-hungry and narcissistic he is. Was the director spinning it in a certain way? Maybe, but it's not like he forced Kage to say those things. "If you do something we don't like, we'll take you out back and skull-fuck you." Seriously? There's no way that can be OK.

And poor Boomer. He's got a killer Jerry Maguire VHS collection, though.

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