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  • Twin Peaks: The Return
  • Climax
  • Chungking Express
  • Swing Girls

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  • Delirious

  • Johnny Suede

  • Living in Oblivion

  • Paris Is Burning

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  • Delirious


    "Licensed Professional" photographer-schlub Les (Steve Buscemi) is foisted upon by good-natured homeless schlub Toby (Michael Pitt) who he grudgingly takes on as unpaid assistant in his paparazzi endeavours. Toby, as well as being notably useful as a handyman, also proves a hit with the ladies and could be Les' key to gaining access to the glitz and the glamour he seeks to photograph.

    Buscemi and Pitt have great chemistry and the film provides many laugh-aloud moments while maintaining an even balance between broad satire and non-sugary heart - well worth a watch.

  • Johnny Suede

    Johnny Suede

    Imagine a minor side character from an early Jim Jarmusch film, such as Down By Law, who splinters off and then has his own little film, following his down-trodden existence as a poverty-dwelling nowhere-going throwback musician - you've imagined Johnny Suede.

    Tom DiCillo's debut feature definitely fits in with the early Jarmusch mould, and features something that would be more dominantly used in his later film, Living in Oblivion, a sequence that turns out to be a dream, either one…

Popular reviews

  • Over the Moon

    Over the Moon


    How Americans tell a Chinese fable: written and directed by white people; featuring the usual gaggle of Korean Americans playing Chinese characters; littered with the blandest of American songs ranging from the simple Disney knock-offs to the most offensively bad; all meaning and profundity scooped out and replaced with the shit banality of Americanised "girl accepts dad's new girlfriend and her son as family". An abomination.

  • Stranger Than Paradise

    Stranger Than Paradise


    The acting is somehow both bad and great at the same time. The three parts, roughly thirty minutes each - New York, Cleveland, Florida - feature almost no dramatic action and yet are never staid, never stagnant - the viewer can watch two people watching a sci-fi film on a small television set in a cramped apartment or four people watching a kung-fu film on the cinema screen and not feel bored or unamused. Quite the feat.

    Edit: I just…