Tenet ★★★½

I am really struggling with this one on one hand it is a technical marvel, that is well crafted with excellent set pieces and huge scope that is impressive. The practical effects blend with the VFX perfectly to create a really impressive action scenes. The action scenes are amazing and they are excellently filmed and performed and immersive that get you invested.
And on the other hand it is filled with exposition and scientific stuff that isn't explained that your head ends up being dizzy, it's plot is convoluted and messy and the characters are paper thin, that you really don't get invested in them, which was a shame.
It is an ambitious film and for most part it achieves what it was trying to do but at the end it's plot ends up in it's way as it is so hard to explain i am still trying to deciver it.
This was one of my most anticipated movies and i love Nolan, his filmography is impressive but this is by far his weakest in terms of storytelling.
The direction is great i mean duhhh and the acting is good, John David Washington is phenomenal he is so charismatic and he owns this movie. The rest of the cast is underused especially Elizabeth Debicki.
Robert Pattinson does a good job but i wish his character was given more. Also Aaron Taylor Johnson steals the small part he is in. The score is phenomenal btw and it is gorgeous.
Overall it's not a bad movie on the contrary it is a well crafted spy movie that is trying to do so many things at once.

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