Tenet ★★★½

I enjoyed Tenet a whole lot more than Christopher Nolan's last movie Dunkirk -- Everyone seems to complain about Nolan's sound mixing in his movie, it wasn't great in Tenet but not as terrible as in Dunkirk or his other movies. For me, my problem with this movie is completely subjective and has to do with comprehension more than any part of the movie. I feel like new movies are so terrible when it comes to exposition, especially passing important information to the audience quickly through an incomprehensible dialogue scenes and especially with the sound mixing, pushing the dialogue to a minimal while blasting the pulsing score over it. Although, I feel like I understood the jest of what the movie is about but my brain can't seem to keep up with each scene. I found myself completely lost or playing catch up because the quick pacing. I know, I am in the minority in this but I tend to like my movies best when I can actually comprehend what's going on the first time around. Also, point out how silly scenes are slowed down and speed up at will. I know, it's cinema, it's to add dramatic tension but still.. So silly. I found myself not buying into those moments what-so-ever.

Here's hoping to see it on 70mm in the near future!

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