The whole film itself feels like a temporal pincer movement. Whatever the fan boys/detractors may say about him but i love the "i don't give a shit about anyone " mentality he does here. Things come and go, some stays here, some stays for the plot to recall later ,some disappear long before it gets registered- even some actors get turned in to a prop for a single scene.

From its sound/visual flow, its fast pace, tech, rap and with JD Washington as lead it really reminded me of a Tony Scott joint minus his romanticism.Also a huge advantage this had over most Nolans (exception being Interstellar) is that Nolan is trying around new things post-Interstellar phase- the covering of exposition and dialogues gets major improvement over say Inception , even you can't get over exposition it's fantastic how Nolan does the action speaks for it , making us collect the tidbits of exposition/dialogues (if we remember) in to the frame and make us recollect the scene again in memory! - exactly like the temporal pincer movement.

This is for me his opus and it has everything he has to offer till now - from humanXmabuse villains, infinite puzzles, incoherence that may or may not click until re-watches, troubled woman at center, structural reverses and recursions on time , magnificent crosscut finales . All these aside i haven't seen or heard anything like this- the finale itself is one of the most challenging time i had watching a movie- cross cutting several planes, characters and spaces- with inversions and what not. In my opinion,It may really improve the way we process various information lmao. For some it may feel stupid, but for me this is a sort of radical move. Also the rabbit hole Nolan opens up here is akin to Interstellar but it has nothing to do this with physics/science- i don't know a major blockbuster had made me think about fate, destiny, free will, choices , cause-effect ,existentialism,wealth, dasein since the last MATRIX ?

All this aside i'm pretty much in for anyone who blows a monopoly's 250 million to smash Cargo jets ,cars and whatnot.

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