Manny Legault

Manny Legault

Im 17 Years Old, I Love Movies So Much and I Got A Instagram Page That's All About Movies, It's Mlegault17. Check It Out

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  • Just Friends

    Just Friends


    Ryan Reynolds is a very likeable actor but in this film his character isn't a great person but throughout the film his character gets better and i thought Ryan Reynolds gave a great performance. Amy Smart and the side cast are all great and all of there characters are really good and funny. Throughout the film, the comedy is great and i didn't expect to laugh as much as i did. The story is also really good and really sweet.…

  • This Means War

    This Means War


    I really like the cast. I love Chris Pine and Tom Hardy and i really like Reese Witherspoon and i think they all do a great job and they all have great chemistry. The story is fun and the movie is really entertaining and funny. The directing by McG is really good and there is also some action and i think the actions awesome. Overall This Means War is a fun and entertaining action comedy.

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  • Poseidon



    I really like the premise because i think it's really cool and scary and i think that some of the visual effects hold up well. There is alot of disaster mayhem and for the most part it's awesome. Also i thought Wolfgang Peterson did a pretty good job directing. My biggest problem with this film is the characters. I absolutely love Kurt Russell and i thought he was by far the best character and he definitely gave the best performance.…

  • Disturbing Behavior

    Disturbing Behavior


    I really like the cast. James Marsden is a great, likeable and charismatic actor and i think he's really good in the film. Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl and the side cast like William Sadler and Bruce Greenwood are also pretty good. The concept is also pretty creepy and cool. The concept is basically the same as the film The Faculty because they both involve a strange entity taking over a small town and i think Disturbing Behavior and The Faculty…